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Person Seen and Person Seen Alerts

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The issue I'm having with all of my cameras (wired & wireless) has been brought up in previous discussions, but I can't reply to them and was told to create a new post as none of those solutions worked.


The specific issue I'm having with my cameras is I get duplicate notifications of someone seen regardless of which camera it is. For instance, yesterday I was walking around my yard and each camera that saw me, I'd get an alert that says "person seen and person seen backyard camera." As I'd walk around to the front yard, I'd get the same alert "person seen and person seen front yard camera."

The only time the alert would be slightly different is if the camera recognizes someone, then the alert would be "person seen and John Doe seen front yard camera." Every single time.

The interesting part about this is the duplicate only happens when I have EarPods in. If it's just my phone, like it's in my pocket, on a counter, etc. I get only 1 alert; "person seen front yard camera."

I've looked through settings several times for each camera and I've never found what causes this. This has been happening since I got the camera so it's not like it never did it and just randomly started or something like that.

Any thoughts?




Each camera sends its own alert.  They are separate alerts, not duplicates.  The cameras do not coordinate alerts with other cameras.

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Yes, but I'm getting multiple alerts from each camera. For example, I have 2 cameras in my back yard. As I walk across my backyard, each camera will send out 2 alerts. i.e. "person seen and person seen in shed camera" then "person seen and person seen in backyard camera."

The only time this would be slightly different is if it recognizes a face, then I would hear "person seen and John Doe seen in shed camera" "person seen and John Doe seen in backyard camera."

So, I'm getting 4 alerts total for 2 cameras. It gets especially bad when I walking around my house and each camera (4 cameras in total) gives me 2 alerts each time.


Surprisingly, when it sees a car or an animal, I will get only 1 alert...


Oh, you're getting duplicate "person seen" messages in the same notification, as if the camera thinks it has seen two different people AND is giving you a separate message for each. Sorry for not being attentive to the specifics of your original post.

We've never had that happen with either our old or new cameras in four years of using Google Nest cameras. If several people walk up to or in front of any of our cameras, we get just one "person seen" message. (By the way, we do not use the "familiar face detection" capability. Maybe it's related to that capability, since it's happening just with people.)

Maybe this is some new "feature" Google Nest is adding. Are you by any chance on the "Public Preview" version of the Google Home app?

You might want to contact Support, using the link and instructions in this post:

I'm not on the Public Preview.

Regarding if it's a new feature or not, I have no idea,  but I've had these cameras for about 5 months and I've gotten alerts like this since I installed them.


Okay, then, it is not some new "feature" that's been added. But it does seem odd. You could wait to see whether other customers chime in on this, or you could contact Support.

I'm speaking with support right now.


Hello everyone,


@RustyShakelford, thanks for reaching out here in the Community. How's it going? Were you able to reach our Support team? In case you haven't, we'd like to know if you have another email address signed in your Google Home app? or if you have multiple email addresses signed to your other devices like another phone or iPad or tablets? Let us know your update here.


I appreciate the help, MplsCustomer.




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Support team is working on this. The last email I got back from them is this issue has been elevated twice to higher levels of support. Apparently the initial support team needed help from the support team’s support team, now it’s being looked at by the 3rd level support team.

Hi RustyShakelford,


Thanks for getting back to us with your update. You may continue working on that channel with your issue to avoid confusion here. Let me know if you have more questions.