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Showing motion on Google nest hub

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I live in an apartment where there's 4 other people that my nest doorbell battery will pick up. Is there a way for my Google Nest Hub Max to show the doorbell camera on its screen every time there's motion? So that i don't have to pick up my phone, unlock it, pull down notification bar, click the most recent motion, then finally watch it? It's not an issue when I'm away but when I'm at home, watching TV, it be nice to just be able to turn my head and look at the nest hub screen when motion is detected. 

Thank you


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Not that I'm aware of but that's a cool idea. 

If I'm sitting by the TV I just have the live view up on the screen. Mostly using it this way as a baby monitor

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I'm trying to do the same thing. 

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Same here. 

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Good idea to have all detected movements show on the hubs. Not just when the doorbell is pressed.

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Same here. I need motion détection on tv and/or nest hub. 

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