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Unable to see video history

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Unable to view video history with nestaware 24/7/10; google outdoor cam that is plugged in. I’ve seen the notes to use google home app and click on “three bars” - but the three bars don’t exist.  This all changed with app update a couple of months ago.. what’s going on


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Here’s an update. Apparently, in IOS and iPadOS - if you view the google home app in LANDSCAPE - you cannot access the scroll video history.  Google APPARENTLY does not know about this and/ or does not view it as a problem- nor do they have any documentation on this - nor does their support team know of this bug…


SO FYI - if you want to view history - it can ONLY be viewed in PORTRAIT on IOS.  WHat a POS app from Google 

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I agree wholeheartedly definitely a pos app 



After a couple of weeks they changed the 3 bars to the icons shown below. The initial view shows just events; when you click on the icon, it changes and you get 24/7 scrollable history.

Initial viewInitial viewView with 24/7 scrollable historyView with 24/7 scrollable history


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Yes… and that’s ONLY available in PORTRAIT mode - on LANDSCAPE… thus my point - and apparently Google has no clue about that… shocking - not shocking



Yes, you're right about that. I didn't comment about that because you did. I was just pointing out that Google Nest changed the icons used to access history.

By comparison, in the Google Nest app, event video history is only shown in portrait mode, while 24/7 history is shown in landscape mode.

Other way around - EVENT history is the only option in LANDSCAPE mode; EVENT and 24/7 history is available in PORTRAIT mode


I forgot that in the Google Nest app, we can switch between event video history and 24/7 history in portrait mode, and was thinking of the event history view below.  In landscape mode we can view and scroll throuhg 24/7 history, which of course includes events, which are flagged on the right.

You are right that Google Nest's documentation for the Google Home app's version should be clearer.

Event history in portrait mode in Nest appEvent history in portrait mode in Nest app24/7 history in landscape mode in Nest app24/7 history in landscape mode in Nest app

Unfortunately, 24/7 history is NOT available to view in landscape on the IOS / iPadOS Google Home app - that is currently in circulation. Those photos appear to be from previous versions.


Gee whiz. My screen captures--as stated--are from the current version of the Google Nest app. This all started simply because I was comparing what's happening in the Google Home app with what happens in the Google Nest app.

… and how do I know this - because while on chat w google support, and figured it out myself, I told them - and the response was “we have no information on that”… so….. in case its a problem for others.  It should literally be the solution after, make sure you have the correct nestaware subscription - the text should read - ensure the device is in PORTRAIT mode so that the option to scroll history is available….

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You no longer use the three bars to view video history. With an iPhone, you look just below the live picture and you will see a small rectangle icon.

Tap on that to change from video events to a scrolling video history.

What really irritates me is that there is no way to save a video clip in this mode.

You can only save video clips if it has seen a motion event.

That really is horrible. The Nest app lets you do that.

Google suckered me into replacing my old dropcams with their new Google cameras and these new cameras will not install in the Nest app.

Also, their web app still does not let you even see your video history.

I use these cameras for security and want to make clips of the exact section of the video.

Can't do it.

Sorry to ramble on about an off topic subject.

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I appreciate your help, MplsCustomer.