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Unusually bad tech support for easy hardware questions.

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While installing my new nest doorbell (battery) I lost one of the small screws that connect the plate to the wedge. I communicated with tech support to get the screw size. Two weeks later, I’m still getting notifications that it is taking longer than expected to get the answer. Obviously, there is a total breakdown of internal communications and the tech support folks don’t have the wherewithal to sort things out. Very annoying. 


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hi bradbort,

Sorry to hear about this. If you'd like, you can share your case ID number(s) and I'd be happy to pass this to the Google Nest community team for review.




Still waiting on an answer. How har can telling me a screw size be?

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You are probably going to never get an answer.  An alternate way to proceed would be to take out the one remaining screw and head to the hardware store and have them help you match it.

Hope this helps.

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it’s absurd that no one at google/nest can answer a simple question about their hardware. 

Same issue here.  It's tricky to start that tiny screw so I'm thinking it's a common problem.

Did you find out what size it is?