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Upgrading from Nest Hello to Nest Wired Doorbell?

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I'm considering upgrading my Nest Hello to a Nest Wired Doorbell so that all of my Nest devices are Gen 2. The problem is I'm used to the 160° field of view and the 1200 x 600 horizontal display, which is perfect for my home. For those of you who have upgraded, how do you like the new 145° field of view with the 960 x 1280 display? Are you glad you upgraded, or do you regret it?  

Current Nest Hello ViewCurrent Nest Hello View


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Hello,  (Google I apologize first as I wish this were not a bad review).   I did the upgrade when it first came out and returned it a week later.   I ended up getting a used Nest HELLO from Ebay and I'm very happy.  

The new doorbell has a number of both physical issues and user issues.   The way it mounts to the wall has many people unhappy.  It can be almost impossible to get off the wall (if you need to) or it falls off on it's own.  But the bigger issue is you can only use it with the GOOGLE Home app which has many limitations.  For the last 2 years Google has been working on bringing the features and  functions of the NEST app over to the Google Home app and here we are 2 years later with still many features missing. If you search thru this forum you will see the many issues people have posted about this product.

Another issue is if you want to view the camera from your computer browser you can only view the LIVE image.  You cannot  look at recording events.  Although this might be coming soon.  However many features have been late in arriving.    Another thing I don't like is the way to save and share a clip in the new system a very difficult. 

Another thing is if you have older gen 1 nest cameras they don't work well with the Google Home app.  So now you have two different apps to deal with depending on what cams you want to look at.

Another thing many people are reporting is if it goes off line or if you want to change your WIFI password it is almost impossible to get the new generation  cameras back online.

Also, as you pointed out they changed the screen ratio and I also prefer it the old way.  Not to mention that just about every other doorbell camera on the market has a 2k sensor and some have a 4k sensor and this new doorbell is still stuck back on the 1k sensor.

Hope this helps in your decision.

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