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Viewing nest camera with next gen nest hub

Community Member

Is anyone else having issues viewing nest camera with the next gen nest hub? 


We have the nest camera that we use as a baby monitor. It used to work perfectly with the original nest hub. I upgraded to the next gen nest hub with the sleep sense and after a couple months it has continually lost connection to the camera when we use it as a monitor. I seem to have no issues when viewing with the phone. I also don't have issues if I view with the nest hub max downstairs. Just on this next gen nest hub. It continually cuts off. 

I am pretty much fully Google on all devices so everything should "talk" just fine. 

I have restarted it and the camera multiple times.  That doesn't work. There are zero updates for it. 

I run a mesh Wi-Fi setup with 1Gb speed. That is t the issue as there is plenty of bandwidth in the home. This hub just doesn't want to seem to stay connected. It has been going on for months. 

Any ideas? The wife is about to throw it out the window. 


Community Member

I have the same problem.