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Why don’t the new cameras record and save everything for 10 days anymore?

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I would not have purchased the Nest Cam w/ floodlight or the other outdoor new cameras had I known they don’t constantly record and save for 10 days.  The old Nest cameras were great and the Nest App was great.  Now that Google has taken over, these things suck.  They now only record “events”.  These events are short snippets in time and are of little value/use.  I will NEVER buy another Nest camera.  There are many other alternatives that are far superior.  




The newer Google Nest cameras and doorbells, just like the older Google Nest cameras and doorbells, only record 24/7 if you have an appropriate Nest Aware subscription that includes 24/7 video history, and if the camera is capable of recording 24/7.  (Cameras running on battery power are not.)

This Google Nest Help topic lists what you get with and without subscriptions for each camera and doorbell:

It used to be possible to get 1st gen Nest Aware subscriptions for the older cameras and doorbells that work in the Google Nest app, but Google Nest quit selling those subscriptions recently:

"Note: As of July 13, 2023, Google will no longer sell new subscriptions of 1st gen Nest Aware. Any 1st gen subscriptions that you currently have will continue to renew."

We switched from 1st gen subscriptions to Nest Aware Plus back in 2021.  (It first became available in 2020). We have both old and new cameras, and the subscription covers all cameras and doorbells in the same Google Nest "home/structure".  We've been paying $120/year; after Nov. 2023 that goes up to $150/year, but our subscription lasts until June 2024 at the old price.  Our battery camera (the same camera used in the floodlight camera fixture) has been recording 24/7 for over 2 years now.

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Thanks for reaching out. I just want to check if you managed to see the response above. Please let us know if you still have questions or concerns, as we'll be willing to assist you further. 


I appreciate the input, @MplsCustomer.