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doorbell camera wont show live

Community Member

when i try to view live stream on my phone, I just get the message - live video unavaliable. the camera may be recharging or saving battery-  this didnt happen when I first installed 2 weeks ago. please help




Have your outdoor temperatures been below 32 F (0 Celsius)? Google Nest has finally just admitted that the Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) runs off of the battery even when wired and the trickle charge cannot charge the battery at temperatures below 32 F (0 Celsius).

Here is Google Nest Help's new page (new last week):

Here is a CNET story on the issue:

Here is a very long thread in this forum (over 560 replies) on cold weather concerns with the battery doorbell:

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are you within the return window?  if so, I would 100% return it.  look at all of the issues on this forum.  @User123456 needs to do better.

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