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nest cameras offline after thunderstorm

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Just spoke with tech support regarding the fact that my nest cameras go offline after ever single thunderstorm. Was told 1 in 20 cameras have this problem. Ummm,  would nest like to fix this problem?? She offered that it could be a wifi problem or something else & couldnt troubleshoot because I am not there.   Isnt that the point of having the cameras??? I have property at a distance and have to drive there after every thunderstorm veasue some or all cameras are offline. I get a simple unplugging corrects the problem, however, having to be onsite after every storm is a problem. Asking my 85 year old father to climb a ladder to unplug it, is a problem. Nest, do you have a remedy for this?? I asked if the newer cameras would not have this issue and apprently they still do. I would hesitate to buy a nest unless you are prepared to do maintenance on your cameras after ever single thunderstorm that happens. 


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I have this issue as well.  If we get the slightest power flicker, my cameras are not reconnecting. And it is random which ones reconnect.  One that was always great will now not reconnect.  Especially the one over the front door.  I now have to get out a ladder, take the camera down and into the house to reconnect and then put it back up.  This is awful.  About to go away and have to get up there and take it down again.  I am in a remote area and we lose power a lot.  UGH!!!!


For years, if we have a power outage or a Wi-Fi outage--thankfully, both are rare--we sometimes have to unplug one or more of our Google Nest Outdoor Cameras for a minute or so in order to get it to come back online.

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Community Specialist

Hi folks,


@notathome6, thanks for reaching out to us, and I'm sorry to hear about the situation. I want to check if you are still in need of any help. If so, to troubleshoot your Nest Cameras that went offline after a thunderstorm, you need to be physically in front of your cameras to perform the steps needed, such as restarting your camera and router or modem to effectively reset the internet connection. Due to the thunderstorm, there's a possibility that the location where the cameras are installed had a power outage and the power to the camera froze, resulting in the camera being offline. For more information, you may check this guide on how to troubleshoot offline Nest camera or doorbell


@JTMustard, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'm glad that everything has been sorted out, and I appreciate your sharing the steps you took to resolve this case. We'll also take your feedback as an opportunity to learn and to be able to provide a better experience in the future. If you have questions or concerns in the future, feel free to start a new thread, and we'll be happy to help. 


Keep us posted. We're happy to help.


I appreciate your input, @MplsCustomer