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Can access the setting menu on a chromecast with google tv

Community Member


I am having a issue accessing the settings menu on my chromecast with google tv HD. I can access the top level menu by pressing the button in the top right with my initial, but when I press the settings button it drops me back into whatever tab I was in on the home screen. Sometimes the settings menu will flash up for a fraction on a second before disappearing, almost like the home or back button had been pressed.


Things I have tested:

I have used the phone based remote, the exact same thing happens so I don't think it is the physical remote. 

I have tried accessing the menu by holding the home button, the top level comes up as us2but the same thing happens with the settings menu

I have unplugged the chromecast from both the power and the hdmi port and left of a minute or so to do a soft reset 

I have done a factory reset on the device and the problem has not been resolved. 


This hasn't always been an issue, I don't go into the menu often but I first noticed it about a month ago, but it may well have started before then.


This is an issue as, among other things, I can't change the resolution. Any suggestions on how to fix this would be welcome,