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Chromecast with google tv cannot connect to 5 ghz.

Community Member

I have a chromecast with google tv that's connected to my living room tv.  I CAN connect the device via 2.4 ghz but I cannot connect via 5.

The router in question is a Asus RT-AC86U with the latest firmware (the chromecast also has the latest firmware.) The chromecast see's the ssid but when I enter the credentials (and I know they work as I used it with my pixel phone and a old laptop) it won't connect.

I'm paraphrasing here but I get a messaging stating that the network doesn't exist OR when I try to connect it takes forever and errors out.

I did do a factory reset.

Also the router is next to the tv (less than a  foot away.)



Community Member

Ok ...I did some "googling" around and apparently others have this same issue.   Apparently, you have to change the 5g frequency to something like 36.  I did and it works! 

Google Mini/Chromecasts no longer connect to 5ghz wifi network, why? : googlehome (