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Matter compatibility and general doubts

Community Member

Hello everyone,

I am excited to hear that Matter is coming to our homes and we will be able to communicate a wider range of smart devices among each other... at least in theory. And that is why I am creating this post, just to see if anyone could answer my doubts about this.

It is mainly one (huge) doubt, how will it all work out? I mean, I know my google devices are now Matter compatible, however I can't seem to communicate my Google Home Mini to any other device it could connect already, just as an example the FireTV from Amazon. So my doubt is more or less... what will change with the new Matter compatibility? Will I be able to tell my Echo devices to play netflix on my Chromecast? or viceversa, ask my Google Home Mini to play YouTube in my FireTV (finally) ?

Thanks everyone, in advance, for your answers.