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Was turning wi-fi off automatically, now won't even recognize Networks to connect to after reset.

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I want to start by saying my CCwGTV has latest firmware dated Oct 5, 2021. My router has latest firmware. Everything has had a hard reset. I have tried on both 2.4 and 5 mhz disabling one or the other. My SSID's are different for 2.4 and 5. I have went through all the suggest fixes.

Google needs to replace these. If you search the web, this is a large problem.

I just did another reset and now it won't even detect any SSIDs to connect to. I've tried both the Home App and from remote. It's like it already has wi-fi turned off and it won't even detect a network but I'm in the middle of a reset so I can't move forward at all. I was in a better position before I did this last hard reset.

Google, please offer a replacement for these, it is a widespread problem.

So in the chance any engineer reads this, I had it setup but it would turn off wi-fi as soon as I turned it on. Over and over and over.

Now, it won't even detect networks after a factory reset.


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You may close this thread. Confident you have a significant batch out there with hardware problems.

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Gold Product Expert

If the Chromecast isn't seeing any Wi-Fi networks to connect to, I'd recommend going into your router's settings and changing the Wifi channel/band manually to a value between 1 and 10. If that doesn't work, try going higher and setting it to 11 for example.

Chromecast manufactured for certain countries cannot connect to Wifi channels above certain frequencies which is why I suggest changing your Wifi channel to between 1 and 10. Checking you are using the 2.4GHz band and not the 5GHz band is for that same reason. 

This may not be the issue in your case, but worth a try!

I do appreciate your reply. I went to Walmart this morning and bought another one. It works beautifully. Even with band steering enabled and everything they told us to do to try to fix it, none of that was necessary, this works perfect.

it is now my firm opinion that there is a batch of these with bad firmware/hardware.

it’s really leaning me towards a hardware problem, because we all have the same firmware.

I put a lot of hours and trying to figure stuff out. I know what I’m doing. So I went and bought another one today and I am confident about there being a defective batch.

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You may close this thread. Confident you have a significant batch out there with hardware problems.

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Community Specialist

Hi Crestorrep,


We appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us — we're always looking for ways to improve. You can also submit a feedback about this using the Google Home app. Here's how.


I'll close this thread now. Feel free to create a new one should you need help in the future.


Thanks for the help, davidking.