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buffering from laptop to chromecast tv slow or lagging ?

Community Member
I am able to cast it automatically considering the optimization mode, which means it stops on the laptop and plays only on TV. But even though I have 50 MBPS high speed bb internet, it always pauses the video while buffering and then plays again. It always does that, to test it, I have just disconnected the cast and it plays well on my laptop. 
If it's the speed of the video download or streaming, it should not play well on my laptop as well. But it plays well without breaking or pausing on my laptop and it always pauses on my TV while casting through my laptop. I tried by using chrome/edge and it's still the same. Like I need to pause the video and play again to make it work and quite frequently and still it does that. 
As I have high speed internet, I have downloaded the full movie where it completed in 3.5 minutes and then I dragged the video onto chrome and then casted it to TV, but still it does that. Like its pause for a while and then I had to wait for a few seconds and then either do a pause physically on the laptop to play again or wait for it to stream again from laptop to my samsung TV. It's really pathetic to watch a movie in this fashion as you will lose interest. 
I assumed it was a connection problem or online streaming/buffering issue and downloaded the movie and noticed that it did not improve, so there might be some lag or data transfer between the laptop and the chromecast, where it's lagging the video. Is there any way to fix it. Please advise. 
I have checked if there is any firmware pending on the chromecast and I have updated chrome to the latest version and have high speed internet. I am not sure what else can be done to fix it. I have all the devices' latest software/firmware installed.
Please help me to fix this problem as it's really irritating to watch videos with the cast option. Normal videos through netflix/disney/youtube and all other standard apps work fine without lag as I said I have 50 MBPS high speed internet.
Please help me to fix this issue asap or highlight it to the technical team where they can suggest some fix or settings. Adding to this, the volume of the TV is way low when connected with chromecast. Like the same movie playing on the laptop plays well and has good audio output but on TV, I had to put in 68/70 number to get the same audio.
Are there any settings where I can get better audio. While listening to the tv without a cast I had to reduce the volume so much as it was too loud, this only happens while casting from my laptop. I have an Intel i5 laptop and high processor and not a crappy laptop.