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Advise on Nest Thermostat/sensor setup for water floor heating per room.

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Hi everyone,


I have bought a new 4 bedroom apartment of 150 square meters on two different floors. It has a water floor heating system per room and in each room we can choose the temperature we want. I am not sure Google Nest Learning Thermostat is able to handle having different temperature per room and how I should setup the thermostat and sensors ? 

From my understanding, I would need one Thermostat and one sensor per room and maybe from the thermostat or the app each user can change the temperature in his room and the main Thermostat will understand the rooms, the sensor to use and which water floor heating system to activate ?


Thanks a lot for your help.


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Community Specialist

Hi phoenire2,


I'm sorry for the late reply. I'd be happy to take a look into this for you.


You can have up to 6 sensors for each compatible Nest thermostat in your home, and after you’ve installed all your sensors, you can choose to:


  • Set a schedule to use different sensors at different times of the day.
  • Manually select one sensor to use all the time.
  • Just use your sensor to monitor the temperature, but not to control your thermostat.


ALso, I did find a helpful article about Nest Temperature Basics. Please let me know if that helps, or if you other questions in mind.


Best regards,


Hi there,


I hope you've got the answer you're looking for. If you're still in need of any assistance, feel free to let us know.


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Hello phoenire2,


It looks like we have come to a solution, so I'm going to lock this thread in 24 hours. If you have any other concerns or questions, please feel free to create a new post.


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