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Heads up: Philips Hue Change Impacting Scripted Automations!

Hey everyone,We wanted to keep you in the loop about some recent changes related to Philips Hue sensors that might impact your scripted automations. Philips Hue has updated their sensor device configuration to use the TemperatureSetting trait (previo...

Purchased Home with Google cameras - unable to connect

I just recently purchased a home that has 6 cameras around the house including the doorbell. The previous owner did not deactivate their account/factory reset the cameras on their wifi network before they left. That is the only way a new user can con...

Hoff34 by Community Member
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Future of Family Bell?

We are avid users of Family Bell for our family routines. I saw that it was being discontinued and all bells needed to be recreated in Routines, which I've completed, however some of my family bells are still active and working and I can still see it...

AC22 by Community Member
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Not all 'SmartThings' devices showing up

I have integrated a SmartThings hub with Google Home.I have over 30 devices in SmartThings. No matter what I do, I can only get 12 to show up in Google Home.Is there a limit of only 12 devices, or is there a trick to see all SmartThings devices in Go...

Nest Doorbell Zones not working right

I have a Google Nest Doorbell (Wired, 2nd Gen), connected in Google HomeI set up 'Zone 1' which covers only my porchThat zone, I've only highlighted my porch.I set up 'Zone 1' to notify me whenever people are on my porch'Outside of Zone', notificatio...

Screenshot_20240414_150953_Home.jpg Screenshot_20240414_151208_Home.jpg

Ghost routine

Some unseen routine is turning off two outlets at 1130pm every day and it's not listed in my automations or in activity. I've tried asking assistant to show routines and it's not listed there either. The two outlets are integrated from smart life and...

How to stop nest camera from uploading 24/7

I have nest aware subscription for several years, recently, the nest camearas are uploading constantly. I can see the actitivty in the nest wifi/device usage graphs. It acts like it is doing 24/7, I only want to have event history. Wonder if google m...

kelvino by Community Member
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Baby monitor automatisation

Hi everyone, It's my first time on the forum, if my question isn't in the right place just let me know! Our situation: we've hot a Google Hub in our living room and a recently installed Nest Cam (wired) in our son's bedroom. Whenever we put him to be...

Huubs by Community Member
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Controlling phone

Hi I have set up automations within my home and have it so when I am not home etc the heating /aircon do not automatically start. This is based on the location of my pixel phone. I have tried setting up an automation (see photo) which when I arrive a...

nshaw75 by Community Member
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