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More polite wake word

I think adding a wake word of "Google please" would be great.I feel like I am being rude when I say say "hey Google ". Kind of curt.Of course it is just a computer programmed designed to respond but we should be trying to raise the level of respect w...

SomeDude by Community Member
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GeekSmart devices connecting to Google Home

Currently I have pretty much all Google products throughout my home that have been working great. I recently made a purchase of a GeekSmart doorknob that says it's compatible with Google. However I'm having issues in my Google home app not being able...

JordMan88 by Community Member
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Ukrainian language

I would like to request to add the Ukrainian language to Google Home. I am using it at my home, but I have to do so in English.I saw a similar request on that forum and the answer by @Cathal_S was: "Google only supports languages for it's devices wit...

fastiuk by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell and Smart Home Integrations

It is my understanding that this feature used to be available with 3rd party app integrations but has since been removed by Google. I would like to have the ability for the Nest Doorbell to trigger a smart home automation when a person is detected on...

kewlwhip by Community Member
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Announce smart devise status

I have a Nest Hub Max and would like the nest hub to announce when my LG dryer cycle is complete. Is there a way to do this?

Rbohaty by Community Member
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Resolved! Okay Google, is the bathroom free?

Hopefully this is the right forum. I live with in a house with 5 bodies and 1 bathroom on the top floor. Can anyone think of a way of asking google if the bathroom is free instead of me yelling and/or hiking it up the stairs?I see the smoke detector ...

Hobrough by Community Member
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Resolved! Change "Hey Google" or "Ok Google" wake phrase.

I know you cannot change "Ok google" or "Hey google" phrase. I know the person reading this has no authority to make it happen immediately.I know the google employee that answers this is going to respond to this with the same copy paste phrase as sim...

Zinc by Community Member
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Resolved! Windows

Can I get a notification when the outdoor temp is estimated well below or above set temp for a period of time. Tonight for example house 74, set to 73, weather is 64 till 11am. I know automatic windows are beyond luxurious and I am sure home builders...

arg7 by Community Member
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