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Tell us about your dream (smart) home

From a modern mansion to a cozy cottage, most people can quickly picture their dream home. But what about when it comes to your dream smart home? What products would make up your ideal ecosystem? And what automation capabilities would you like to see...

Resolved! Roku devices not linking to Google home

I have 5 tvs registered with my Roku account (2 Roku, 1 Chromecast using a stick, and 2 with sticks). All of the sticks are linked to Google Home. Neither of the Roku TVs are. It didn't bother me much until I replaced the living room TV with a Roku T...

Merryann by Community Member
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Youtube Music History

Is there any way to musics played on google nest mini do not affect my personal recommendations on my smartphone? And is there a way to check musics that was played on nest mini?Thank you!

Google Nest radio play

Google nest will pick up the radio station requested, then stop playing the station and go all quiet. Anyone experienced this problem. Any ideas or suggestions how to correct this.

Stevo27 by Community Member
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Monitoring My Mom in Asissted Living

I bought my mom a nest hub and cameras so that I can monitor what happens to her in assisted living. I would like to sign up with Nest Aware. We also have a hub at our house. Should I set up the hub in her apartment under her google account or mine? ...

Reminder vs Family Bell

Back in October, a user named MazMaz asked about turning off a plant watering reminder that was driving them crazy across all of their devices. No one was able to provide an accurate solution and the thread was eventually closed without resolution.I'...

Fantum714 by Community Member
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Resolved! Moving Nest to new phone from a dead phone

The Nest worked just fine on my old phone. Unfortunately the old phone died. I am trying to re-install the nest on my new phone and when it asked me to login it keeps asking me to go to the old phone to verify. What am I supposed to do when the phone...

agape1026 by Community Member
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Google Home mini Turkish langue

We have been waiting for more than 3 years of Turkish Language add-in.İf it does not support Turkish languages it's not a usable device in this country.We look forward to your support on this matter as soon as possible. As you know, Google Assistant ...

How to retrieve past video from nest drop cámara?

I want to know how to retrieve past video history, I did not know that you can save recording images. Somebody close to me stole from m a huge amount of money , I saw everything in the video but my subscription records only for one months and I could...

How about Google merges the Nest app into the Google Home app?

Hey all!I recently added the nest system to my home and switched from Ring. Who all here would agree with me that it would be more convient for Google to merge the Nest App into the Google Home app? I would prefer the apps to be consolidated instead ...

Adenham2 by Community Member
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