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Aqara Sensors via Matter with Inaccurate Info

Community Member

When you integrate Aqara via Matter almost all sensors registered to the Aqara Matter Bridge come over fine. 


The problem is that both the Aqara Motion and Aqara Vibration sensor show as occupancy devices. Meaning that either one gives you Occupied or UnOccupied as the current state.  Since they at least show this state you can in fact use them as STARTERS but that is a substantial reduction in capabilities from what they can do natively or in something like SmartThings: 

The Motion sensor detects motion and illuminance 

The the Vibration sensor detects vibration, tilt and drop. 

In Google Home both only give Occupancy . 


I would assume this is as much a question for Aqara but from a Google perspective are you aware of this and what are the plans to integrate this in a more useful manner? 

(Yes I am putting feedback in 😃 )




Hey @OpethNJ - I can't speak to future product plans but this may be a result of the sensor types outlined in the Matter Device Library Specification. I noticed similar behavior when I set up the Matter integration on my Philips Hue Bridge + Motion Sensors.  Do you notice similar behavior when you link the devices to SmartThings using Matter linking? You can also try reverting to linking your Aqara devices using the Works with Google Home account linking flow in the Google Home app instead of Matter to see if these devices show more robust starter availability.

Community Member

Mine has changed to occupancy too. Really annoying and obviously bad mapping somewhere.