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Automation for Bluetooth from phone to another device.

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I am facing an issue with connecting my display to a Bluetooth speaker using automation commands with the Google Home system. I hope you can assist me in finding a solution.


My goal is to establish a Bluetooth connection between my display and the speaker without having to speak directly to the display. Unfortunately, none of the commands I have tried so far have successfully established the connection. The main problem I encounter is that the automatic option does not allow me to select the specific device I want to use, even when I include the device name in the command, unless it is a time/day command.


While I can manually connect to Bluetooth by saying the simple command "connect Bluetooth," I am unable to incorporate this into a routine effectively. The Google Home system insists that the command must start on the device I am currently using, making it challenging to trigger the connection between my display and the Bluetooth speaker from my phone.


To simplify the process, my intention is to tap a single button in the Favorites section of the Google Home app on my phone. This action should initiate a command that instructs my display to connect to the Bluetooth speaker in my house.


I would like to highlight that this functionality used to work flawlessly in the past, but it seems that changes in Google's coding have rendered many of my commands ineffective. While adding a time/day starter might resolve the issue, it is not the ideal solution I am looking for.


Here are the commands I have tried without success:


1. "Hall screen connect Bluetooth"

2. "Hall screen look for paired devices"


I suspect that Google does not allow me to directly select a device unless it is triggered by a time/day command.


I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or workarounds you can provide to help me resolve this issue and successfully connect my display to the Bluetooth speaker, via automation from my phone.


Thank you for your assistance.


Community Member

Certainly! I'll do my best to assist you with connecting your display to a Bluetooth speaker using automation commands with the Google Home system. Please provide me with some additional information about your setup and the specific issue you're facing. Specifically, let me know which display device you're using, the model of the Bluetooth speaker, and the automation commands you've tried so far.