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Automation to dim lights

Community Member

I'm trying to create what seems to me like a super simple automation which is to take a dimming command from my smart dimmer switch (innovelli blue running in smart bulb mode) and match it to a brightness level my smart bulbs (commercial electric smart lights on hubspace). 

Basically dimmingCommandIn --> brightnessOut

Is there a way to match an input value to an output by creating a variable? I tried creating an input but I don't think that's what I want. My script is below for reference. 


# ---- STARTERS ---- #
type: device.state.Brightness
device: Living Room Dimmer Switch - Kitchen
state: brightness
is: $brightnessLevel

# ---- ACTIONS ---- #
type: device.command.BrightnessAbsolute
- Living Room C-1
- Living Room C-2
- Living Room C-3
- Living Room C-4
- Living Room C-5
- Living Room C-6
brightness: $brightnessLevel  



Community Member

Do you have any updates on this? I’m thinking of doing the same thing. I want to link the dimming level of Kasa dimmer switch to the dimming level of several smart dimmable bulbs. 

Community Member

@3bboood no update. I gave up and just created a bunch of different scenes on the switch and used the google automation to map those scenes to different light settings. Ex. long press up = all lights on, double tap up = all lights on max, long press down = all lights dim to preset level, short press down = all lights off, etc. 

Because there are so many different cloud/server hoops all the devices are jumping through (innovelli speaks zigbee to hubitat local device, hubitat local sends data to hubitat cloud, hubitat cloud talks to google cloud, google cloud talks to hubspace cloud), I probably wouldn't get "smooth" dimming anyway. It usually takes 2-3 seconds for the lights to respond to the switch 😕 It gets the job done, but certainly isn't ideal. 

Eventually I'll remove the hubspace lights (big mistake to put those in!) and replace with either dumb, dimmables or zigbee dimmable lights and do all the communication locally over zigbee. 


Community Member

@aday Thank you for the reply! It seems that google home is a lost cause. I wish I have chosen other smarter platforms. Heck even their YAML-based script editor doesn’t do a simple task like this!!