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Bad changes to routines and home/assistant

Community Member

So last night between 2000MST and 2345MST the home app/ecosystem lost all but my two most recent routines (I had created those less than a week ago). Looking at app today the two remaining routines are under 'household routines' (i've never used any of the 'default' routines that are now under 'personal routines'). Speaking to google support was as usual less than helpful essentially saying 'sorry, sucks for you'. While trying to re-setup my many routines I had setup I realized that they had apparently removed the timed activation option for a device in a routine, which was one of our most often used manual routines thru the assistant. In brief they turned on our hot water circulation pump for the predefined period of time depending on the application, then turned it off after the specified time had passed. I cannot for the life of me find any setting or option in routine creation that does that anymore, can anyone else?
Searching around I found an older 'custom command' for length of time driven activations that was apparently used for voice commands. But using it with voice or as a programed custom routine results in the response attached...messages_0 (19).jpeg

so apparently google is ok with just turning on an outlet and leaving it on indefinitely but you can't tell it to turn it on for a given period of time anymore?