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Chrome cant cast YouTube

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I have an ongoing issue with chromecast not working with YouTube. It works with any other streaming app like hulu max and twitch but YouTube I get a restricted mode issue.


I can watch YouTube on my phone or computer just fine. No issue. The second I try to cast it to the tv I get a restricted mode issue. I have followed all the instructions I have since seen on the internet. Restricted mode is off on YouTube. My age/birthday is up to date (I’m 35). I’ve gone to chromecast filters and tried both allowing everything and when that didn’t work I even turned off filters entirely. 

nothing is working. 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Xpoeticdreamz,


Thanks for reaching out. I know how it feels when something isn’t working as it should. A few questions: when did it begin? Were there any recent changes made before it started? Check out the thread below, wherein another user got it fixed by using a YouTube remote, and see if it will work for you.


Disabling Youtube Restricted Mode