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Chromecast automatically turn specific show on

Community Member

I am trying to set an automation for my chromecast to turn on and play a certain show from hulu. It turns on but won’t play the show unless I use the remote to say “play Castle on Hulu” my 91 yo grandma will not remember how to do that. Is there a way to make it play her favorite show automatically?  TIA



Hey @Anamm - You can try creating a scripted automation to achieve this using a custom Assistant query using the OkGoogle command. Sharing a snippet of the actions block that seemed to work for me. Make sure your Chromecast has a distinctive device name. You'll need to fill in the rest of the script based on what starters and conditions you want to use. Hope this helps!


    - type: assistant.command.OkGoogle
      okGoogle: play Castle on Hulu on Main Chromecast
      devices: Nest Audio - Kitchen