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Daily routine

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Hi! I have a problem with my device. Every hour it says for example "it's 12:00, wash your hands and drink water". I tried everything and I have no idea how to turn this off. 😞


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Hi Barwiniu, I had set up an alarm/reminder to come on through our hubs, but for the life of me couldn’t figure out where I’d set it up from or even how to cancel it. I came across Family Bell in the Google settings or Google Assistant settings. Maybe you can try and and search for Family Bell in these places to see if the reminder you’ve set up is there? Not too sure if this will help. Sorry

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It's the work day routine I think.

Go in your GHome routines (icon in the middle) => look for "work day" routine => open it => desactive it :





It's off all time, but device still talking 😞

In addition to @Hollen_ar_mor's suggestion, you may want to check for the Workday routine on any other accounts you have added to your device in the Google Home app. Perhaps another home member has their Workday routine activated?

Thank you! Probably, this is it!!!

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There's nobody else in the household with this routine on ?

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Within the Google Home app, under the Automation section, you will discover a feature called "Workday." It is distinguishable by its unique icon and contains routines scheduled with specific times and accompanying phrases for the workday. To deactivate it, simply access the feature and disable it.