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Deleted routine still plays, and time zone doesn't update

Community Member

For troubleshooting purposes, the smart items included in this issue are my Nest Hub, and 2 Feit Electric smart bulbs, all in my master bedroom, and the Nest Learning Thermostat.


I recently moved across the United States from Pacific Time Zone to Eastern Time Zone, and I had set up these routines in PST that were based on sunrise and sunset.

The sunrise automation is I have my thermostat set to change the temperature (from 71 to 73) so it wouldn't be as cold when I wake up, and to adjust the volume of my Nest Hub to be louder. These actions are to be performed at sunrise, and I currently have the sunrise location set to my current address in EST. These actions haven't been being performed consistently, and I don't want to delete them due to my next issue.


I deleted the sunset automation, but it still plays. It was set to turn on the 2 smart bulbs. This was set up in PST, and when it does the routine, it is done when the sun sets at my old address in PST, which means the lights turn on automatically after 11 pm where I currently live.