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Do devices have a hidden ID number other than name? Removing/re-adding devices broke scripts

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In my experience working with SaaS products, items you interact with often have an ID number. It would make sense Home does this too, but hides that fact as to not confuse users. However, I think I encountered a script breaking problem related to this and want to let the Google team be aware of it and hopefully find a solution. 

I have a lot of Cync devices in my home and they've already been part of my Google Home account for a long time. The account was linked in Home for a few years now. The script editor has been working fine with all of this too for a while too - older automations too. 

However, a couple of weeks or so ago, something changed on the backend - I know because nothing I changed nothing related to this. As a result many of my Cync devices would often get stuck in an on/off loop with no way of stopping it. I never did find a solution, despite posting it here seeking help and reaching out to support to do some troubleshooting. 

I finally got frustrated last week with the issue that I unlinked my Cync account from Home. This removed all of the devices from Home, as expected. I later re-linked my Cync account and re-added my devices to rooms. 

I noticed the Script Editor scripts remained intact, despite having removed my devices. My legacy automations automatically removed these devices. I assumed that the script editor would automatically remember devices and continue working once everything was put back where it belonged. This was not true. Devices kept the same names, same rooms, etc, but scripts no longer ran automatically. I fixed most of them by re-typing the devices in the script editor. There's still one script that won't work, but I'm still troubleshooting. 

Either the script editor should identify missing devices and offer some kind of wizard to resolve these issues and alert us, remove or highlight the missing devices, or automatically reconnect to missing devices once they've been re-added. Or some other solution that's more reasonable. Either way, it needs to be addressed. 


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Great feedback! I’d encourage you to also send this feedback directly to Google. You will not receive a response, unless Google need more details from you, however this is the best way to help improve the script editor.