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Does a Smart TRV in one room override the google Nest Thermostat in the Lounge

Community Member

Hi Folks

We got a Google Nest fitted with new boiler. Great that it saves us money switching off as we leave the house. BUT the lounge heats up quickly and switches of the whole house meaning the rest of the house is uncomfortably cold. I preferred the individual rooms to be controlled by the TRV's and this is the major downfall of Google nest for me. Can I fit smart TRV's and have them switch the heating on independent of the Nest Thermostat? Cant find an answer to this so far.

One suggestion was to site the Nest Thermostat in the hall and have the central space dictate heating and let the normal TRV's control the heating in the rooms. This would avoid them overheating if the hall is cold when front door opened and the inner door isn't closed like it should be ( not naming any names but this won't stop happening) Thanks for any advice 👨‍🔧