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Does the FindMyDevice command just not work?

Community Member

All I want is to make an automation that makes my phone ring (via Find My Device so it overrides silent mode) so I can put a shortcut to the automation on my Pixel Tablet's homescreen, and just tap it when I walk by if I'm looking for my phone ☹️

The phone I want to be able to find is a Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G. Seems like it should be pretty simple, but Google's documentation for the script editor "FindMyDevice" command is incorrect - it says the syntax is device.command.Locate, which the script editor doesn't actually recognize. It does recognize device.command.FindMyDevice, but it doesn't seem like there is any scenario where this does anything, or even passes error validation. When I try to set this up, the only device it recognizes is my Pixel Tablet (which is not the device I need to be able to find, but I still tried it for testing purposes). Even when I choose that, it says the tablet is not capable of performing this command, and if Google's own device can't do it, I don't know what device can.

Initially, I tried a standard automation via the Google Home app for Android. This did not work because it didn't "recognize my voice" - not that that matters, I live alone, so nobody else would ever be using this automation. Turning off voice match did not allow me around this limitation - it still says it didn't recognize my voice. Is there any way to accomplish this? If not, is there at least some scenario where the syntax outlined in the documentation would work, so maybe I can understand the limitations and figure out some workaround?


The documentation: