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Eufy T8210 doorbell and device.event.DoorbellPress in script editor

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I want to make an automation in the Google Home script editor which starts when my Eufy T8210 doorbell is pressed. After press I want to  blink my Hue lights (the script below now turns on a Hue light. For the problem irrelevant). I have the following script:


  name: Lampen knipperen voor deurbel
  description: Laat de Hue lampen in de woonkamer knipperen wanneer iemand op de Eufy deurbel drukt

    type: device.event.DoorbellPress
    device: Voordeur - Oprit
    type: device.command.OnOff # Turn the device on or off.
    on: true
    devices: Hue lowboard ledstrip - Woonkamer


As you can see the device selected (my Eufy T8210 doorbell) errors. The script editor tells me the device.event.DoorbellPress is not supported by the camera. I need to select another device. 


I'm guessing the problem is my Eufy T8210 doorbell is seen in Google Home as a 'default' camera:


It is connected to Google Home a while  ago. The device type always was irrelevant. But now with the missing event, it is anoying. 

Question: How do I make Google Home allow for the doorbell event? 


In the Eufy app there is a possibility to allow for trigger doorbell press (second trigger in de second screenshot below), but offcourse I cannot select my Hue devices to do something there:




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I recently read that 3rd party security devices require a pin, meaning that those devices can not be automated as of right now. 

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I believe that excludes 3rd party security devices, right? 

Well it says: "Build your most powerful automations with nearly 100 starters, conditions and actions for Google Home and 3rd party devices, including many Matter devices" but also that camera events are underway to be add. 


Yet what device would use the event.DoorbellPress besides camera doorbells like Eufy and Ring 🙂 

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@Mindgem did you eventually find a solution? I'm trying to code something similar like you 

Community Member

Has anyone found a solution to this?