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Google lost lawsuit against Sonos and we suffer

Community Member

Google stole IP from Sonos. Lost in a court case and instead of paying for the features they stole they decided to remove them from devices that loyal customers purchased. I've been trying to return two speakers that I purchased from Google in November of 2021 and they keep giving me the run around. How can I return these speakers? And seriously Google is turning into an evil company


Community Member

I am not sure if this would work and I know venting here is not always going to get the attention needed.  But have you engaged with the Corporate Relations or their Legal.  You could in theory have legal grounds as you purchased the google items based on features that have been removed.

I tried that too. They have no way of contacting anyone that can do something. All employees in Taiwan or some other country. I feel bad being upset with them. It's not their fault but they cannot do anything except the same old restart your device, delete and readd the app nonsense.

I know this might not be the best solution, but you could always buy 1 share of Google Stock and then contact Stockholder relations since they would have to work with you as an owner.  I always follow the Warren Buffet philosophy of owning companies I use products from.