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Gentle Wake Up and Good Morning Routine Not Working

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Hi! I’ve got two main issues:

1. Gentle Wake Up does not sync with my morning alarm 

2. My morning alarm does not trigger my Good Morning routine. 

Below I’ll list things that I have confirmed before writing this post as well as fixes I have attempted:


Things I have confirmed:

1. Gentle Wake Up is part of my bedtime routine (see screenshot)

2. “Run Good Morning routine after dismissing alarm” is checked as part of my bedtime alarm  (see screenshot)

3. My app is fully up to date


Fixes I have attempted so far:

1. Told Google to sync all devices

2. Logged out and logged back into my Google home app

3. Deleted and reinstalled the Google Home app

4. Tried to run my bedtime routine on a different next speaker (I.e. my living room speaker instead of my bedroom)

5. Built a new Bedtime routine (called Bedtime 2) with the same tasks (cannot delete existing one because it is a Google default)

6. Deleted Philips hue connection and reconnected (gentle wake up bulbs are Phillips hue brand)


All attempted fixes above result in the same issue. My next speaker will play the alarm sound at the time I request but the lights will not wake before the alarm and dismissing the alarm will not trigger my good morning routine. This problem as been persistent for about 3 months now. My routines consistently break for a few days here and there but this seems like a consistent issue that I cannot fix on my own. Please let me know if I can provide more details or information to help debug.





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Hi anyone from Google have any insight? Would love to get this fixed. Let me know if you need more information from me

Same issue for 4 or 5 months.

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I have the same issue with gentle wake up. I think they changed it so that it starts with a pinkish light, then only my bedside lights randomly started working and now it doesn't work at all


It says it is on for the three lights, but the lights never turn on now. They've definitely been tinkering with it because 'sleep/wake all lights at x time' isn't recognised. Now I have to say 'sleep/wake every light '. It's been broken since then 

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@Princesss I have the same issue that you are trying to solve in the thread above. Any ideas?

Similar issue:

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Starting a month or two ago, "Run the Good Morning routine after dismissing alarm on speakers"  stopped working for me as well.

@rmolina7 It has been several months since I was able to fix this.  But I figured it out after several give ups and lots of time inbetween tries.   

First the Good Morning routine you created has to be deleted for this will work.  More on that at the end of the instructions.


Within the Google Home App, Click on Automations at the bottom of the screen.  Now within Automations, click the Plus sign to create a new automation.  Again it is located at the bottom of the page, just above and to the right where you clicked on Automations.

Next Page you can select if you want it to be a personal routine or a household.  I chose personal. 

Next click on Add Starter and in it you should select the starter "When an alarm is dismissed", select the devices that it will run on.  This is where the problem was fixed.  

A nice new feature that was not there when I fixed mine is  the option "Only between these times".  Which is nice since I sometimes set an alarm to leave the house for a meeting or something.  And when the alarm ends it would kick of the morning routine.  Now I set it between 5am and 8am as an example.

From this point it is that same as your personal routine, so click on Save your Starter or go ahead and add Actions.  I saved mine and tested it, then added my actions.

There is also the ability to add delays.  I use this to shut off the music after an hour and turn off all the lights except in my office.

Now there is one more thing.  I believe you will find a "Good Morning" routine that Google created in your automation area with the other routines you created.  I can't remember if they were highlight by Google, but I think they were highlighted as suggested routines.  Where before you would create the routine and click the box at the bottom which indicated you wanted to run it when you alarm was deactivate. 

This is the only routine that will work as a wakeup routine and you are required to use.  When they created that for eveyone it broke the ones we created.  And of course there was no warning, it just stopped working.   This is why you have to delete the one you created.  In actuallity you may not have to delete yours, I had to because I used the same name.  If you used a name like "Wake up Routine" then you may not have to delete yours.

Let me know if this helps.  If you had already set up using the new starter options, then my morning routine may stop working soon too.  I hope no, these type of problems are pain in the a$$.


Appreciate the response. Unfortunately, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 I use for my alarm is not a supported device for the "When an alarm is dismissed" trigger, so I can't use the workaround. Thanks though!

That makes sense.  I just have google wake me up with its alarm.  Sorry it didn't help.