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Goggle Floodlight only has one functioning light, support usless

Community Member

I'm exhausted talking to Google support so i figured i would post this here for others.  After spending countless hours on the phone with support, and god knows how many cases I've opened, i guess my next stop is the better business bureau.  Long story short is i bought a floodlight with camera, paid $170 for installation.  After the installation only one light would go on.  I called support to request a replacement.  They sent me a link to order a refurbished device at the same cost as the new equipment which is really wrong.  So i called to stop it, but they sent it anyway.   So now I have two of these things, perhaps I'm the unlucky one who has the only defective device in history but i now have two of these things.  So after about 10 cases, i acquiesced and said just install the refurbished one and I'll return the old one.  But google is telling me i need to pay for the installation all over again.  So the install cost me $170, when the technician came he hit me up for another $150 to wire it, and now wants another $100 to replace the old one.   So the install is costing me more than the unit,  every call to  Google goes in a circle and ends in emails with links to the useless website or "'we'll get back to you" but of course no one does.  Do yourself a favor and buy it from Amazon and avoid ending up like me.