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Googe Nest Secure support issues $200 from Google Store

Community Member

I have had a Nest Secure since it launched, and it's still active. Both Google Nest and Google Store support acknowledge that it's active and they verified my serial, and order number but will not help me get the $200 or the ADT because I never got the email. Nest gave me the code but Google store says it's invalid. I've spoke with both support teams over 6 times by phone and several times by chat. I've had supervisors call me back and hang up without saying anything so they can log that they tried calling back. Both say that the other needs to help me. I tried tricking them into being on the phone at the same time so they couldn't push it to the other, but they would hang up or put me on the 3-5 minute hold. I doubt anyone else got this resolved since I did contact them extensively over a 7 hour period. Longest wait time was to speak to a supervisor and I stayed on hold for 52 minutes before they hung up the hold line. Anyone have any ideas?