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Google Annoucement Volume

Community Member

I have automations set to make annoucements when certain events happen. But they only happen at the volume that is currently set. So I added action to set volume before making that announcement. That poses another issue. If music is playing before an announcement, the music volume is turned up as a side effect.


Is there a way to restore back to the volume before the announcement or any way to set different volume for annoucements specifically. I would imagine that it will be a pretty common request as music and annoucements are separate use cases. 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello vaibbhav09,


Thanks for the post. Having a separate volume control for broadcasting and music is a great feature but not available on any of our Google Home/Nest speakers and displays. As a workaround, you can add another action on your routine that will lower the volume of your device.


We're always looking for ways to improve — we'll take this as feedback. You can also send feedback using your device by saying, "Hey Google, send feedback." Visit this link for more steps.


Let us know if you have additional questions and concerns about your device, otherwise, I'll lock the thread after 24 hours.