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Google Best Cam switches from mains power to battery even though plugged in

Community Member

One of the 2 Google Nest cams which I use to keep an eye on my property when I’m not there, is displaying its now using the battery for power even though there’s power going to the house and the other camera is using mains power.

It also has stopped recording and now stays on standby mode.
I can get there for a couple of weeks so want to know if there’s anything I can do remotely, assuming there’s no issue with the power socket I’m guessing a factory reset should fix it.

Any help or suggestions would be awesome!




There have been a number of reports in this forum from customers having to fool around with seating their USB plug in the bottom of the battery camera in order to maintain power to their camera. Also, the power cable has to feed towards the FRONT of the camera, but you probably know that.

We've had a battery camera for 19 months, plugged in with the optional power cable. When the USB plug is snugly seated in the bottom of the camera and there is power going to the camera, the camera is always "Live" and Settings | Battery always shows "Plugged in" with an infinity symbol.