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Google Home (Spotify loop ending). Are there Logs? Uptime? Last update. Etc.

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Our Spotify will stop during the night at random points on Google Home Nest Hub device - despite a loop being set on a playlist. Sometimes the routine will run for 3 days. Sometimes it will run for 2 hours.

We have a routine configured to "Put the kids to bed". This will perform the following tasks:

1. Set volume to 3

2. Play "Disney Guitar Lullabies" on Spotify.

3. Custom: wait 10 seconds

4. Custom: loop this playlist

We always wait for the playlist to open, start the music, then after the pause - state "sure, this will keep repeating".

Then we lay the Kids to bed, and off we go cleaning the house.

Until we climb into bed and hear screaming. The music has stopped... I made sure to disable hand gestures, as I thought one might be throwing hands - no difference.



None! Is there a way to access technical logs from the Google home? Stating uptime? Last update time? Any reported internal error that may be causing the issue?


1. Not using routine and setting manually (nope)

2. Changing entire wifi network, upgraded to enterprise ubiquiti suite (nope)

3. As a result of network change, can see if device disconnects (reboots, or roams between wifi points during the night). (nope, 100% uptime, no packet loss)

4. Disable hand gestures (nope)

5. Different Google homes - seems to work in another bedroom with much fewer interruption, but has dropped on rarer occassion. Funnily enough, this room is further from the nearest access point, and always had been. (We have about 4 Google Homes on the network, all on their own seperate home - as Spotify Premium needs to be registered to seperate "homes", rather than device - another stupid thing that could have been a simple feature request - to tie accounts to devices; super handy for bedrooms).

6. Activity logs. (Unfortunately 100% useless, doesn't even list all the commands we made)

GIVE USERS MORE CONTROL OVER THEIR GOOGLE HOME! Improved logs, or ways to access some internal technical logs - would be perfect! Spotify login configuration (to device; rather than entire home) would also be a huge ++++


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Any ideas? I'm tired, and I'm loosing my mind 🫣

Spent a bomb on Ubiquiti network gear, replaced the entire network, to rule the issue of network out. Found a time the music ended and pulled all network logs, down to the individual packets - network is not the issue!

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Community Specialist

Hi Oipjo,


Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the delay. I know how it feels when something isn’t working as it should. Try the factory reset. This erases all your personalized settings and restores the factory default settings. It won’t automatically reconnect to WI-Fi, and you’ll need to set it up again. Check out this link for more information about it. 




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Community Specialist

Hey there,


I wanted to follow up and see if you still needed help. Please let me know if you still have any concerns or questions from here, as I would be happy to take a closer look and assist you further.




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Good Morning,

I did a factory reset as requested on two of our devices which we could see the issue reproducing frequently. 

It seems that it did run overnight, the first night. It has however reproduced the second night, started the playlist at 7pm, on both devices, and one of them stopped around 3am, the other played all night.

The third night both devices had stopped at SOME point in the night, as they had both stopped music by 6am. 

As part of the factory reset, I also noted I had a specified IOT WiFi network which is 2.4GhZ. I know there is zero packet loss at the time of previous times music dropped out - but for the sake of testing - I moved them onto our priority network which is WiFi6 (5GhZ). Issue is still experienced (and device uptime during drop-outs was still 100% with no identified packet loss)

Issue remains about just as consistent, and frustrating, being Intermittent.

We just want Spotify to play all through the night, so the kids can sleep with lullabies running! At this point, looking into purchasing a dedicated lullaby machine for our newest addition due in December 2023 - though it is important to note that our use case of having Google Home is - 99% music. 1% "is it going to rain today?"