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Google Home no longer supported on older Android - How to use my Chromecast v1??

Community Member

I have used my V1 Chromecast and Android Tablet for YEARS to cast YouTube livestreams or videos, Google Photos on ambient mode etc. etc. but SUDDENLY this month it stopped working.

My newer Android ph just received an update, which the tablet didn't, so I became suspicious!  When I went to my Google Home IT WAS GONE!   Tried to install from Playstore and it told me my tablet is not compatible!!!!

There is no earthly reason for Google to withdraw support for Home on older Androids - it is simply a matter of having different versions for people to select for their devices.

Result is I have to either buy another tablet (why, when the current one does everything else??)  OR tie up my phone to do what my tablet used to do.

Cannot find a work around ... there are several apps who CLAIM to work with Chromecast, but I have lost track of how many I have tried & found not to work - I just want to have the functionality I expect as a Google customer of long standing, but if anyone knows a workaround would be gratetul!!!