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Google Home to be less chatty with home automation

Community Member

I have some ceiling light/fans that I turn off with physical wall switch during non summer months. 

The problem with them being offline is that every night when I ask Google to turn off all the lights, it goes on and lets me know that some devices cannot be reached. Is there a way to mute this?


It would be nice to be able to easily let the assistant know that these are expected to be offline when they are unreachable without having to remove them from the current "home". Maybe "allowed to be offline" toggle. 


Community Member

I'm currently migrating to Alexa because Google Home has driven me absolutely f****** insane.

I cannot tell you how many times I've heard, "One or more devices are not responding right now. You might want to try setting them up again!"

A few years ago I felt that Google Home development had become stagnant.

More recently it's felt like it has been sliding backwards.

I finally realized the other day what is going on. Google has pulled all of its best minds away from the Home project to frantically work on Bard (their AI) in the hope of catching up with ChatGPT, Copilot, etc.

If you own Google Home devices, congratulations! You have now boarded the Titanic.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey everyone,


We hear you. We're always looking for ways to improve — we'll take this as feedback. You can also send feedback using your device by saying, "Hey Google, send feedback." Visit this link for more steps.


Let us know if you have additional questions or concerns about your devices, otherwise, I'll close the thread after 24 hours.