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Google Nest Doorbell no notification on Nest Hub

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I had this issue and found a lot of threads on this forum with the same issue that had no solution. 

I figured out the issue for my system. The issue was that the Nest Hub was in “do not disturb” mode. To disable this, go to the Home app and click the settings for your Nest Hub, uncheck “do not disturb”.

You also need “visitor announcement” enabled on the doorbell. You can find this in the Home app under the settings for the doorbell.


I’m creating a post, because the threads I found was closed. 

Hope this helps somebody 🙂


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey Robinjon89,


Thank you for sharing the helpful information for others who may be running into the issue. With your issue being resolved, I am going to lock the thread to keep content fresh. Other users will still be able to search for your post. 


Best regards,