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HOMELESS since 2/18/23 - "Passcode Doesn't Work" - "Yale & Nest Connect Issues" - "Who Should Pay?"

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Today is Monday, 2/20/2023 (President's Day)!

I have been "HOMELESS" for 3-days because of "Yale & Nest Connect Issues".

Among other things, I would like to know "Who should and will Pay for this fiasco?"

I left my single-entrance condominium on 1/27/2023 for a 3-WEEK vacation, returning 2/18/2023.

When I returned and entered my passcode, my Yale Lock replied "Passcode Doesn't work right Now".

After speaking with Google associates for OVER 2-Hours, at a call-center apparently set-up to deal with Yale/Nest problems, I was informed via Case #8-4380000033449 that my NEST-CONNECT hardware had been updated by GOOGLE during my absence and disabled my YALE LOCK.

My Google Customer Service Agent requested and received ACCESS to my NEST-CONNECT hardware and performed multiple attempts to reconnect the YALE lock on my single-entrance condo, but was unsuccessful.

Thereafter, my Google Customer Service Agent provided me a phone number for a Google associated Locksmith who would presumably visit me immediately and enable me to enter my home.

Unfortunately, upon reaching the Google Associated Locksmith, I was told that NO technicians were available during the President's Day weekend AND that if I wanted a full diagnosis, remedy and repair of the reported issue, the Locksmith would guarantee a site Visit, 2/21/2023 with a $300, prepaid deposit.

Alarmed by the requirement that I pay for Google's disruption of my life, I re-contacted Google (separate incident # on file) and was told by Google Associate Alesia that Google would NOT Pay for anything related to the problem Google caused.

Upon my request for escalation to Alesia's supervisor, she repeatedly refused to identify the Supervisor but then did identify Maria as that Supervisor; promised a return phone call from Maria within 1-hour; but that phone call never came.

At this point, 2/20/2023, I have been locked out of my single-entrance condo for over 3-days, following a 3-week vacation.  I have received and declined estimates from 3-locksmiths to perform emergency locksmith services (drilling off the Yale Lock and replacing it for +/- $700) and I have housed my family in a local hotel.

I have several questions about this fiasco, including


1) "Why are these connectivity issues happening to so many people?"

2) "Why does the Google Forum quickly close all of the conversations about these connectivity issues?"

3) "What can and will Google do today, tonight or tomorrow to get me and my family back into our Condo?"

4) "If the Google Agents are correct that my lock must be drilled off and replaced, who should pay for that and for all of the associated expenses that I have encountered during the last 3-days?"

5) "Does Google realize or care about the potentially severe risks and damages that it may have or may be creating for Yale/Nest-Connect users by subjecting them to these random connectivity problems and/or disabling the Yale locks altogether via upgrades?"


I will appreciate answers to all of these questions from Google representatives immediately and I would like to receive feedback from all other Google Community members who have experienced problems with the Yale Lock and Nest-Connect product set relative to connectivity as soon as you can submit that feedback.

I have the feeling that someone at Google knows there is a serious problem with the Yale Lock - Nest product reliability but has not informed or warned Google customers, not to mention offered or provided refunds before serious problems ensued.

Please prove me wrong.