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Have an option to activate devices more safely.

Community Member

I have a sonoff switch which I use to open my garage door. It's not recognized as a garage door because there is no such option for the switch, only fan, heater, light, etc. I think there should be more options there.

What I think could be nice to have is to add an optional security layer for some devices where you have to press longer to activate them or have to swipe to enable similar to what iPhone used to have to unlock.

Yesterday my sister accidentally clicked on the button to open the gate without noticing it when she tried to turn the lights on. One of our puppies ran out and got killed by a street dog.

I know maybe I shouldn't put the garage door shortcut on the google home app but it's something we use all the time. Has been some months since we used a key. But it really would help a lot if this could be safer. Maybe we could simply have an option to add a password to enable whatever device you have in your home.

Right now anyone, even guests, can control all your devices if you have a google nest at home and nothing would stop someone from enabling the unprotected switch device I'm using if they come near my bedroom window and say the words. I had to change the name to something impossible to guess in order for this not to happen, but then we also can't open the gate via voice command because of this measure. We only needed it to be available on the app. So this is also something to consider, to make some devices impossible to activate via voice, or only available for people with a recognized voice.

Just some thoughts.