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Hey Google, turn on the TV & music pause

Community Member

I am using Chrome Nest Mini 2nd.
This article was written with a translator, so the sentences may be strange.
If you tell me what you don't understand, I will correct it again.

Please listen to my concerns.
If you say "Hey Google, turn on the TV" to the Nest, the TV will turn on by default. (I have never made any settings related to it, but it seems to automatically recognize commands)
But I want to turn on the TV and pause the music currently playing on the Nest.

While listening to music running on the Nest, I set up a routine by accessing Google Home from the Android app.

Execution Condition: Say 'Turn on the TV'
Action list: Pause the music + Turn on the TV
After saving I said
"Hey Google, turn on the TV"

But it doesn't pause the music, it just turns off the TV.
My guess is that due to the default settings, words set as routines do not seem to be applied.
how can i solve this?


Community Member

I just did some experiments and figure out it's not because "Turn on the TV" is a default phrase but because of a strange bug.

Tbh, idk the reason (seems like a database syncing problem and maybe also other bugs), but it turns out changing the order of actions could somehow work.