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Home location initiates Geeni app

Community Member

A few months back I read an article about turning on "something" (don't remember) so that when I was near home, my lights app (by Geeni) would initiate and then I could turn on what lights I wanted to turn on. So, the app comes up on my cell phone when I would be w/in several hundred feet of the home. Well, I've moved and now everytime I pass the previous home, the app comes up and interrupts my maps, music playing in the car, etc. Problem? I no longer need that location area to trigger, but I don't remember what app is triggering - Geeni, Google Home, Google Maps, etc.

Would anyone here have intel? I've gone into settings on all 3 apps and I'm not finding anything. I changed the home location in all apps. I've set up presence sensing in the Google Home app to the new home and thoguht that would suffice, but that hasn't helped. I removed the previous home address from all 3 apps to ensure no location service is seeing the old address.

Thoughts? Suggestions of where to start? Feel pretty stupid that I used the tip I found and can't remember how I turned on that option.

Appreciation in advance for the help!