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Malfunctioning Google Next Hub Max

Community Member

Hey folks,

My Google home nest hub max has all sorts of issues. Noticeably, the camera isn't working, as well as voice commands. Every time I try something it tells me "Uh, something went wrong". I've contacted google support several times, and every time they treat it like it's an isolated issue -- asking me to do all sorts of things like resetting the device, reconnecting wifi, factory reset, etc. Sometimes it fixes the issue for a little while but then it stops working again.

This was bought about a year and a half ago, directly from the Google store online.

I'm coming here for advice as a last resort before I give up on it. Any info helps!

Thanks, Leo


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi lefaria,


Thanks for posting here in the Google Nest Community.


Sorry to hear about the trouble. I wanted to follow up and see if I could be of any help. Could you provide the case number from the support team so we can further check for you. Also, I don't know if they had you do this step, if they did let me know.  Let's rule out the possibility that it has anything to do with the network. Set up your Nest Hub Max using a mobile hotspot, then obsere if the issue remains. 


Follow the steps below. 

  1. Phone 1 open hotspot.
  2. Phone 2 connects to Phone 1 hotspot.
  3. Phone 2 download Google Home app.
  4. Factory data reset your Google Nest Hub Max.
  5. Setup Nest Hub Max using Phone 2 and use hotspot as a source of network.

Before you reset your Nest Hub Max:

  1. Save important footage from the device’s video history.  If you are subscribed to Nest aware.
  2. Make sure the device is plugged into a power source that’s tested and functional.
  3. Remove the device from the Google Home app.
  4. Open the Google Home app .
  5. Tap and hold the device's tile.
  6. Tap Settings  and then  Remove device and then Remove.

Let me know how it goes.




Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there,


I just wanted to follow up if you were able to try the steps provided. Please let us know as we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello there,


We haven’t heard back from you, so I'll be locking this thread in 24 hours. Feel free to create a new one if you have more questions or have other concerns in the future.