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NEST experience.

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I installed a NEST unit about 13 years ago. It looked nice, was very contemporary and worked pretty good for a long time. If you want a programable thermostat, then these guys work really well. A good furnace heating guy can install one in about 1/2 an hour or less, and they have become the latest good to go in thermostats. 

Mine just gave out the other day. No warning just " poof" and a white screen came up. Nest has a very good customer support team that is always friendly and ready to assist. However; this time I decided to go with a  non programable Honey well, and save a whole bunch of money and I'm happy to say it works much more effectively than the NEST did. Don't get me wrong, the Nest is a good, nice looking addition to the home, but the Honeywell is maybe more dependable and cost me hundreds of dollars less, and they too have  a great service team. 15min to install and it works like a charm! 


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Community Specialist

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