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Nest Doorbell Automation

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Is it possible to set up an automation so that when the nest doorbell (better) detections motion between certain times a light is turned on?


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+1 Commenting to see if anyone has a solve in the native Google Home experience. I don't feel like dropping another couple hundred and configuring a Rasberry Pi to solve this.

I just tried to write some custom automations in Script Editor, but it appears my cameras (Wired doorbell Gen 2 & Nest Cam Battery) are only limited to Doorbell press or status on. 

Disappointing for something that seems pretty straightforward (and from what I understand, is available in the Google API which can be accessed via Home Assistant)

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I don't believe it's possible natively, but you can definitely achieve this using Samsung SmartThings - and I don't believe you'd need their hardware to do so. This would be easier if your lights are also SmartThings compatible, but you could do a more complex setup using a virtual switch in SmartThings (which you could then sync with your real lights using a simple automation in Google Home).


Hi @Deebsmk - Thanks for the question. As mentioned in our script editor announcement post (coming soon section), we are actively working to enable camera events as a starter. We will share with this community when these are available. 

@Prafulla , it's been four months. Any updates on when we'll see the additional starters become available?

Hey @TenaciousT - Sorry didn't close the loop here but we already announced camera event starters couple of months ago. Check out this post and give them a shot:

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And what about us brain dead slobs? The ones who can't edit. Will be ever get this most basic of abilities?

It appears that this simple request is not yet fulfilled. 

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As much as this pains me to admit, I'm not entirely that upset that Google hasn't pushed out something that allows the doorbell to interact with something or trigger something. There's a security risk that could open our homes to a threat.


With that being said, SHAME ON YOU Google for not having the foresight and common sense to know that users who go all in with Google products might want to create custom automations to suit their needs. I can't even create an automation that simply turns the volume up on my Google speakers if the doorbell gets pressed. The ability to turn on lights if the cameras detect motion should have been the first thing you thought of, but either you didn't think these things, or you deemed it so low on the priority list that we have to wait several years to get this basic feature. I'm so very disappointed with you.

Not sure you've actually tried the new automations. It looks like motion detection still isn't available - the device shows as a suggestion for motion detection in the editor, but the script fails validation. That being said, this looks like it would work fine for the button press automation you're looking for:




  name: Doorbell alert
  description: Scripted automation
    - type: device.event.DoorbellPress
      device: Front door doorbell - Front door
    - type: device.command.SetVolume
      volumeLevel: 100
      devices: Living Room Speaker - Living Room
    - type: assistant.command.Broadcast
      message: "Doorbell has been pressed!"
      devices: Living Room Speaker - Living Room
    - type: device.command.OnOff
      on: true
      devices: Front Porch Lights - Front Porch




I very foolishly spoke before I read through everything. Somehow I completely missed the entire announcement of the "script editor" they released. I was working purely within the Google home app. The home app currently has all the features I'm currently looking for, I can create the entire automation that I want, it just refuses to save any automation that involves my doorbell.

I will take a dive into this pseudo scripting system they've released. Coincidentally some other user mentioned they "Smart Things" from Samsung might have an alternate automation system that might work better, but I've yet to tinker with that.

Regardless, thank you! I even appreciate the code you've provided as well! You're awesome!

That was actually me that suggested SmartThings - that being said, it looks like a new version is out today that should support motion events natively. I don't yet have the new event starters, but there's probably an annoyingly slow, staged rollout like most Google things:

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can the message be a sound or song instead of a vocal message?