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Nest Doorbell camera-

Community Member

Just purchased a doorbell camera (battery) have spent next two days trying to get it installed. Absolutely shocking. Needed to install the doorbell camera on three iPhones for security. Spent hours on it the Nest help chat service, frustrating and time wasting, got nowhere after over 1 hours. 
£128 and a complete waste of money and my time. Not sure we’re I go from here.




The battery doorbell does not get installed on phones. It gets installed in the Google Home app, using a phone or tablet that is running the Google Home app. Once the camera is installed, access to the camera (and all other Google Nest devices in the same Google Nest "home/structure") can be shared by inviting the owners of each phone to join your Google Nest "household" by going to Settings | Household in the Google Home app.  Once the owners of those other phones accept the invitation and log into the Google Home app using their own Google Accounts, they will have access to your camera (and other devices).  If the other phones belong to you personally, you can access your camera on those other phones by logging into the Google Home app with the same Google Account.