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Nest Hub 2nd Gen can't figure out how to show/start/resume a stopwatch and fails repeatedly

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I started a stopwatch on a Google Nest Hub Gen 2, and paused it.

I was sitting directly in front of the Hub and said: 

"Hey Google, resume stopwatch"

It restarts a stopwatch on my nearby smartphone, which is setup to respond to "Hey Google". That stopwatch had started on my smartphone without me realising it when I started the one on my nest hub.

instead of asking, [resume stopwatch] "on your Nest hub, or your smartphone?", it does stupid things. 

I clicked the "wrong device?" on-screen prompt on the Nest Hub.

"Hey Google, resume stopwatch."

Resumes the stopwatch on my smartphone. 

"Hey Google, resume stopwatch"

It resumes the stopwatch on my smartphone. 

"Hey Google, resume stopwatch"

It resumes the stopwatch on my smartphone. 

"Hey Google, resume stopwatch on <name of the Nest Hub Gen 2 display>."

It resumes the stopwatch on my smartphone. 
Each time, whenever the Hub showed "wrong device?", I'd click it. Yet it still resumes it on my smartphone. 

And because you haven't rolled out the Nest Hub app drawer to all countries, I have no on-screen interface to access my stopwatch and have to use voice commands, which aren't working because of the above issues.

Why does everything have to be a pain in the ***?

Every day I have an issue with these devices. Every. Day.
Or I'm restricting what I'm doing, to avoid issues I've already experienced.

I'm not doing demanding things. Just basic things within their functionality. These devices can't figure out how to resume a stopwatch, but somehow we're to trust them to automate our home?

If you guys don't fix this stuff, and release features that work properly when first launched, I'll be opting out of the Google Home ecosystem. Doing things manually is easier and less frustrating. 


Community Member

I have the same exact issue. Did you ever find a solution?