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Nest Wifi Pro and Tapo P125M

Community Member

About a month ago, all of my Matter enabled plugs from Tapo, the P125M, became Offline in Google Home and all Assistant routines.  I have been waiting to see if a Nest Wifi update would resolve the issue, but nothing.  The firmware on the Tapo Plugs is up to date.  The plugs work in the Tapo app.  BUT, these are Matter devices.  I shouldn't need a third party app/link to make them work in Google Home.  Yes, I could sync the Tapo service with Google Home, but that defeats the entire purpose of the Matter protocol.  It should work without any other apps or hubs.


Community Member

Wow, they're still not working?  As soon as they stopped working, I moved them off of Google as the "first/primary?" matter system.  In my case, my primary is Home Assistant, but you could use Amazon or Apple which you can then share to Google.  I know this also kind of defeats the whole point of Matter as it shouldn't make a difference.